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pour l'adaption aux changements climatiques

The 9th Community-Based Adaptation Conference (CBA9): Blogs and key messages from Practical Action UK


This week, from the 24th to the 30th April 2015, the 9th Community-Based Adaptation Conference (CBA9) is being held in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference is organised by the International Institute of Environment and Development and co-sponsored by Practical Action, who has 9 speakers participating in the event.

Key messages from Practical Action include:

·         Technology choices regarding agricultural adaptation to climate change are not neutral: they have consequences for access (inclusivity), sustainable use (choices available for future generations), and resilience

·         Agroecology is a powerful tool to support adaptation of smallholder farmers

·         Community-based adaptation requires both indigenous/local and scientific knowledge

·         Private sector involvement must be re-visioned: for CBA to be effective at scale there must be mutual benefit for both the private sector and communities

·         We need to re-engage communities in analysis, planning and innovation

·         We need greater recognition of the gendered impacts of climate change, and the additional burden on women and girls

·         If Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) is to be useful for smallholder farmers, it must improve adaptive capacity, and maintain the natural resource base upon which livelihoods depend 

More information can be found here, including blogs from the speakers and key publications






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