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ENDA paper on Climate-induced Loss and Damage


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Date of publication: 2013-10-07

Associated Organization: ENDA TM

Themes: Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: Africa

Countries: Senegal


This paper starts with a historical background of the issue of climate induced loss and damage within UNFCCC, proposes a definition of "loss and damage” and explore some of the existing approaches to address loss and damage relevant in an African context.

This paper also tries to respond to the question of how "Loss and damage" could be an opportunity for Africa and what are the required prerequisites to this endeavour.

In order to increase understanding on what is loss and damage - residual impacts and its causes among West and Central African countries through their governance and organisational representatives, ENDA is launching a work program on "loss and damage". This work program aims at promoting approaches to addressing loss and damage (residual impacts) with case study examples from the West and Central Africa region.

Download document: ENDA paper on Climate-induced Loss and Damage