Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaption

Resource for Theme 'Poverty and vulnerability'

AfricaAdapt Resource Guide on Risk Communication


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Date of publication: 2013-05-07

Associated Organization: AfricaAdapt

Themes: Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: Africa



This guide provides you with an overview of the key concepts you’ll need to understand about communicating climate risk. Throughout the guide the main ideas and lessons learned on risk communication are outlined, and examples are used to illustrate ways in which risk communication strategies have been used to support climate adaptation ativities in Africa.


Much of this guide draws on experiences from the ACCCA programme, and a set of articles written by Anna Taylor, Tahia Devisscher, Fernanda Zermoglio and Jon Padgham. A guidance document written by SEI and ENDA in 2009 also provided particularly useful background material.

Download document: AfricaAdapt Resource Guide on Risk Communication