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AMCEN guidebook Addressing Climate Change Challenges in Africa: A Practical Guide towards Sustainable Development


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Date of publication: 2012-02-08

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Themes: Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: Africa



The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, provided the vision and framework for the multilateral cooperation needed to achieve a sustainable future, particularly under a changing climate. Communities in Africa have developed various ways to cope with current climate variability, but these mechanisms may be insufficient to help communities adapt to future climate changes. Many African countries have assessed the effects of climate variability and climate change on their national economies. Based on their results, they have identified mitigation and adaptation measures in their National Communications, National Climate Change Strategies, National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs), Green Economy studies and other related studies, which provide opportunities for accelerating sustainable development in Africa. However, the implementation of these measures is constrained by inadequate financial, institutional and human capacities. Many stakeholders lack access to the skills, tools and information needed to make decisions on climate change.

This Guidebook aims to translate available climate science and current international climate policies into the tools for practical action in Africa, in the context of sustainable development. In this regard the guidebook focuses on the potential climate change impacts on key sectors in Africa and appropriate adaptation and mitigation options. It outlines the governance, technological, financial and capacity- building opportunities available to the continent to work effectively towards sustainable development. Experts and policymakers will be advised on where to look for additional information and tools to develop policies, programmes and plans to shape future sustainable development on the continent, under a changing climate.

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