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Kenya: Involving communities in conservation


wamuthoni | 2011-06-30 03:10


Date of publication: 2010-11-02

Associated Organization: VoicesofAfrica

Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Crosscutting Issues, Forestry, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: East Africa

Countries: Kenya

Summary:Ndaragwa and Laikipia forests like many others in Kenya, have been adversely affected by human activities. The forest's indigenous trees have been indiscriminately cut by illegal loggers and the local community. The Kenya Forest service intervened to stop any human activity in that forest. It was never effective because the institution itself did not have enough resources to protect the entire forests. On the other hand the local community felt that they were denied a natural resource that they have been using since their ancestral times. With that situation a way out was essential. The environmental problems affected the community and the community itself was responsible for it. That meant that the community itself would and should be the initiators of those interventions, a policy that Tree Is Life Trust firmly believes in. The government of Kenya finally gave in to the community needs and reviewed the earlier forest law. In December 2005, the government passed a new law that guides forest management. It empowered the community to participate in the management of forests together with the other stakeholders. The Tree Is Life Trust has helped the locals to form forest managements associations, equipped them with necessary skills and gave them financial assistance. The groups provide labor in the management of the forests including the maintenance of the seedling nurseries. In return they are allowed to collect firewood and graze in the forest without destroying it. With this there is improvement in terms of the forest conservation. Tree Is Life Trust also works with community of the other nearby forests to embrace this kind of resource management.

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