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Nature: reaching hearts through art


wamuthoni | 2011-06-30 03:01


Date of publication: 2010-11-02

Associated Organization: VoicesofAfrica

Themes: Crosscutting Issues, Forestry, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: East Africa

Countries: Kenya

Summary:One thing that a traveler in Nyandarua and Laikipia districts (Kenya) will notice is the beautiful painting on the walls of houses. One could easily mistake them for advertisements because of their numbers. They are murals painted by Tree Is Life Trust through the local artists on environmental awareness. The paintings carry different messages that encourages the community to take action on natural resources conservation. The murals are the best communication tool because they can be understood by most of the people here inclusive of the illiterate and the children. The murals are done mostly on the roadside structures. There are also in schools. Tree is Life Trust also entered into partnership with UN Development Programme to paint such murals around Mount Kenya in a project called Brush Against the Power Saw. The trust also has also erected tree-shaped metallic boards that have different messages painted on them along the roads. They are referred to as metal trees. In Nyandarua and Laikipia there are 79 murals and 12 metals tree to creating awareness. 93 other murals have been done around Mount Kenya.

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