Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaption

Resource for Theme 'Poverty and vulnerability'

Day 3, Panel 14: Case studies from Ethiopia


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Date of publication: 2010-01-01

Associated Organization: AfricaAdapt

Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Poverty and vulnerability, Water


Countries: Ethiopia

Summary:Leulseged Yirgu - Adapting to climate change in the water sector: assessing the effectiveness; Holly Radice - Participatory natural resource management with Somali pastoral and agro-pastoral communities: a lasting community led response to climate change; Fana Abay - The contribution of urban agriculture to climate change; Hailu Tefera/Assefa Tofu - Poverty alleviation and environmental restoration using the Clean Development Mechanism – a case study from Humbo, Ethiopia; Tesema Alganesh - Role of gene bank in adaptation to climate change in three sites of Showa region in Ethiopia.

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