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Meet and Greet in Beta, Burkina Faso on December 2011


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Date of publication: 2012-05-10

Associated Organization: AfricaAdapt

Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Crosscutting Issues, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: West Africa

Countries: Burkina Faso



On December 05, 2011 in Burkina Faso a Meet and Greet was conducted alongside with the seminar organized by  Terre et Humanisme, on the theme "Seed autonomy and the preservation of traditional varieties," and aims to:

1. Introduce AfricaAdapt to the 45 participants from 22 NGOs and associations of 5 countries, and the benefits to join the network.

2. Have the understanding of participants on GMOs and local seeds, etc.

The Meet and Greet have finally allowed the network to:

-get in touch with the actors that are difficult to access, and get their opinion and stance on the critical issue of GMOs

-Capitalize the experiences of the seminar by launching a broad consultation, through a forum of discussion on the issue of GMOs.

-Strengthen the capacity of these target actors, through training workshops organized by themselves.

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