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Kenya: Villagers get skills on sunflower


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Date of publication: 2010-11-02

Associated Organization: VoicesofAfrica

Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Forestry, Gender, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: East Africa

Countries: Kenya

Summary:As local communities in Kenya continue to depend on natural resources for their day to day activities, the resources will become depleted with time. The depletion will lead to other environmental disasters like drought. Tree Is Life's intervention is working with groups to seek other alternative sources of livelihood other than the non-renewable natural resources. I met a local women’s group that locally produces oil and soap from the sunflower plant. The group receives technical skills from the Tree Is Life Trust's field officer Mr. Simon on such innovative income generating activities. The group plants sunflower, squeezes oil out of the seeds, makes soap out of the oil and the seed residue is used to feed their group's poultry. The group is reaping the benefits of the project as they sell the produced oil and soap. It also operates a poultry farm. Tree Is Life trust also taught them on group formation and organization. The trust has also worked with many other groups on income generating by giving them training and small grants to support their projects. Other projects have included fish farming, bee keeping, the growing of fruits and working with environmental resource centers. This income generating activities lessen the dependence on the natural resources and acts as an alternative to the other incomes generated from the destruction of the resources like charcoal burning.

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