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Resource Guide on Climate Science


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Date of publication: 2013-03-26

Associated Organization: ICPAC

Themes: Climate Science

Regions: Africa



The purpose of this guide is  to educate non-climate scientists  about the basics of climate change science. The science of climate change looks at how the Earth’s climate has changed over the years and their cause as well as the possible future changes which could result from human interference with the climate system.
The crosscutting nature of the climate change problem requires the engagement of professionals, policy makers, practitioners and researchers.  With this in mind, it is therefore important to have some basic understanding of climate change science in order to appreciate the gravity of the problem posed by climate change and find lasting solutions by undertaking appropriate climate proof actions

The key areas of climate change science covered in this resource guide are the basic understanding of:
a)      History of climate change science
b)      Basic concepts/terminologies
c)      Causes of climate change
d)     Paleoclimatology
e)      Historical instrumental observation 
f)       Future climate change scenario
g)      Climate Data Sources

Open link: Resource Guide on Climate Science