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Adaptation Planning with Communities


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Date of publication: 2015-07-23

Associated Organization: CARE (ALP)

Themes: Crosscutting Issues

Regions: Africa, West Africa



The Adaptation Learning Programme for Africa (ALP) implemented by CARE International, is excited to announce the first publication in a new series of practitioner briefs, drawing together ALPs experience and lessons learnt of working on community based adaptation (CBA) with 40 communities in four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa over the last five years.

Adaptation Planning with Communitiesprovides a practical step-by-step guide to the community adaptation action planning (CAAP) process with examples from ALP’s experience in Niger and Ghana, and describes how to progress from climate vulnerability and capacity assessments, such as the CARE’s CVCA, to participatory community planning resulting in actionable community adaptation plans. In the case of the communities where ALP is working these plans focused on livelihoods and natural resource management, but the CAAP process described can equally be applied to addressing other climate sensitive sectors for example; health, education, energy, or social safety nets. 

The brief is designed for development practitioners, including local government representatives, civil society organisations (CSOs) and other actors working on climate change issues at the local level. It will also be useful for policymakers and donors engaged in planning and allocation of resources for adaptation action.

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