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GCCA Training Modules on Mainstreaming CC into Development Plans


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Date of publication: 2012-04-12

Associated Organization: EU

Themes: Crosscutting Issues

Regions: Africa



A GCCA workshop for OCT countries took place 27-28 January 2012 immediately following the OCT-EU Forum meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

Participating countries :  Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Curaçao, French Polynesia, Greenland, St Eustasius, St Helena, St Maarten.

Venue: European Commission, Brussels, BELGIUM
Agenda: Agenda of the Workshop 27-28 January 2012

Customized training materials:
Module 0: "Introduction" - Module 

Module 1: "Understanding climate change development linkages" - Module and handout 

Module 2: "Mainstreaming climate change and strengthening institutions and capacities" - Module and handout 

Module 3: "Understanding the basics of the climate change science" - Module and handout 

Module 4: "Understanding and planning under certainty" - Module and handout 

Module 5: "Raising awareness and building partnership" - Module and handout 

Module 6: "Mainstreaming climate change in national, sector and sub-national policies, strategies and programmes" - Module and handout 

Module 7: "Costing, assessing and selecting adaptation and mitigation options and measures" - Module and handout 

Module 8: "Mainstreaming climate change in the budgetary process" - Module and handout 

Module 9: "Mainstreaming climate change in monitoring systems" - Module and handout 

Module 10: "Synthesis, conclusions and way forward" - handout 

Other documents available: Acronyms, Glossary and References 


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