Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaption

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  • Agriculture, fisheries and food security

    Agriculture, fisheries and food security

    Adaptation strategies on food production and security

    210 projects

  • Climate Science

    Climate Science

    Cause du changement climatique et les projections futures

    44 projects

  • Crosscutting Issues

    Crosscutting Issues

    For resources and research that cut across many themes

    171 projects

  • Energy


    Resources and thinking from renewables to energy security and access

    87 projects

  • Forestry


    From the interplay of forests with the carbon markets and emissions to indigenous rights

    109 projects

  • Gender


    How climate change affects men, women, boys and girls differently

    87 projects

  • Health


    Effects of climate change on human health

    77 projects

  • International climate negotiations

    International climate negotiations

    Africa’s role in international climate policy

    58 projects

  • Poverty and vulnerability

    Poverty and vulnerability

    Resources and perspectives on the link between poverty and vulnerability to climate change

    215 projects

  • Water


    From water scarcity, security and rights, to drought risk management

    154 projects