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Empowerment and Skills Development in Beekeeping for Vulnerable People in Rural  Mukono Uganda

Empowerment and Skills Development in Beekeeping for Vulnerable People in Rural Mukono Uganda

Associated Organization: Empower And Care Organization

  Project Summary:

Empowerment  And Skills Development In Beekeeping For Vulnerable People of Rural Mukono - to empower rural vulnerable people with knowledge and skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues and to provide them with a set of basic tools and support  to help them get off the poverty trap.


The fundamental objectives of this project are threefold:


•       To introduce beekeeping as a means of providing personal income for vulnerable people;

•       The alleviation of poverty in rural areas of Uganda;

•       The provision of an ongoing source of local income for EACO.

  Needs assessments based on socio-economic backgrounds (situation analysis) EACO interventions focus on poverty reduction and address the effects of HIV/AIDS. A majority of vulnerable women, particularly widows and those living with HIV/AIDS, as well as vulnerable children, youth, and the elderly in this area, located at Bugoye in Ntenjeru sub county, have limited to no opportunities to participate in decisions concerning their wellbeing because of their vulnerability (usually poverty and gender) or their age. As a result of the lack of sources of income, they are unable to meet their most basic needs.A lack of professional skills is a leading obstacle to development in rural Mukono Communities and it hinders the population from actively improving their lives sustainably, especially at community levels. The overall agricultural productivity development rate in Mukono District is still very low and varies depending on the Sub-county geographical locations. The average poverty rate in the District is at 40% whereby the discrepancy of poverty rates between the two axes, abject poverty is commonly experienced in the rural areas and relative poverty in urban areas and thus making poverty a social problem which derives its origin or is directly linked to low household productive skills and lack of resources for production.

•      Target population and number of beneficiaries To introduce 200 people, mostly women, to beekeeping and achieve a 40% adoption rate in the first year of operation.

•      Requested items (outputs), together with expected outcomes and other impacts through the project

1.   A well understood whole industry approach looking at all areas of the industry;

2.   A noteworthy increase in honey production and honey beehive numbers within two to three years;

3.   Individuals/families/communities generating income from the keeping/farming of honey bees;

4.   An increase in the community baseline knowledge and skills in apiculture; and

5.   On-going industry support and development.


This Project is designed to provide education, leadership training, and sustainable income generating opportunities specifically for vulnerable people and their families who are affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS in rural Mukono County by ensuring self-sustainability of EACO beneficiaries and guaranteeing that they are in a position to meet their basic needs (i.e. food, water, shelter) and support their school dues like school fees and medical treatment. Thus, by definition, the successful project outcome is that participants will be able to carry on the activities without further assistance.



Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Health, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: East Africa

Countries: Uganda

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To help with the Beekeeping Project you can contribute by directing your donation to a specific item. All these items are necessary and very important to the people involved in the project. By donating one or more of these items you are addressing very specific needs.

Select donation item        value

Beehive                              $30

Smoker                               $25

Overalls                             $35

Veils                                   $25

Gloves                                $15

Wax (one/kg)                    $15

Wires/nails                       $20


Bee suit                              $75