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Save Lives of Children from Lightning-Thunder Strike Deaths and Attacks!

Save Lives of Children from Lightning-Thunder Strike Deaths and Attacks!

Associated Organization: Butakoola Village Association for Development

Donate to Save lives of children from thunder strike deaths while you help Butakoola Village Association for Dvelopment (BUVAD) a local charity in Uganda to earn a permanent spot on Global Giving, an International fundraising website. All donations are tax deductible and a donation of only $10 can be of great importance. Please kindly share out this post on your facebook & twitter timeline as many times as possible per day. We only have 27 days left to raise the required US$5,000. Blessings to you all! Click the link below to donate to this cause:

Lightning-Thunder strikes in Kayunga District and Uganda as a whole, are a horrible threat, hitting school children with their teachers and killing them in numbers. A survey by BUVAD shows that 90% of the schools in Kayunga District lack lightning-thunder arrestor gadgets and parents cannot fund raise for them. BUVAD will sensitize children on thunder avoidance measures and install thunder arrestor gadgets at 40 community primary schools in Kayunga. BUVAD will also donate rubber sandals.

Lightning-Thunder Strikes have been noted to be one of the side effects of climate change issues which disaster is claiming lives in numbers in minute seconds! Hence BUVAD is coming in to substantiate on the government efforts to combat the challenge.

Themes: Climate Science, Health, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: East Africa

Countries: Uganda

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Problem Statement

More than 26,000 children are attending Universal free Primary Education in 40 rural primary schools of Kayunga District being selected by BUVAD. These schools are not sufficiately facilitated and still need to be improved upon to be able to provide life assurance. Schools have been hit by the Lightning-thunder killer disaster. Imagine 20 children and 2 teachers dying at a hit! The rain season is here and the sky rumbles. Every one is on toes for fear of thunder electrification in Thousands of Kilowatts!

How will this project solve this problem?

BUVAD is donating lightning -thunder arrestor gadgets to 40 Universal Primary Education schools to provide a life assurance for more than 26,000 children attending school at these schools. We are also going to sensitize children at each of the schools on how to avoid electrification by lightning- thunder when it starts or warns to rain. BUVAD will also donate rubber sandals to each of the children in the beneficiary school for them to wear at home and stay indoors whenever it warns to rain.

Potential Long Term Impact

There will be long term assured protection of more than 26,000 children that will be attending school annually at the beneficiary schools, from the time of the thunder arrestor gadget donation till not less than 100 years to come. Children, teachers and their parents/guardians will acquire knowledge on protecting themselves against lightning-thunder electrification. More than 26,000 children will protect themselves against thunder electrification at their households using rubber sandals.

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