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Mozambique: Finding Climate Smart Agricultural Solutions to Famine

Mozambique: Finding Climate Smart Agricultural Solutions to Famine

Associated Organization: CSDI

Phipps Campira (Mozambique), Zipo Akinyi (Kenya/New Zealand), and Lenneke Knoop (The Netherlands) have been working for the past two months on a project in the community of Mezimbite, Mozambique. 566 households (3,400 people) are frequently suffering from constant famine caused by poor agricultural production capacity, a lack of knowledge improved agricultural practices and climate change related unpredictable rain and extreme weather events.

Famine takes away healthy live years from members of the community and can lead to food insecurity and malnutrition thereby reducing overall productivity, well-being, and social status. When children are under-nourished this will lead to a disturbed development, affected school participation, which could lead to a vicious circle. Malnourished and diseased community members are unable to produce sufficient food and income for themselves and to lead the productive, meaningful, prosperous lives they need to leave the cycle of poverty and contribute to the development of their communities. Read more


Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Poverty and vulnerability, Water

Regions: Southern Africa

Countries: Mozambique

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