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The research proposal is addressed to stakeholders and donors on how the gender and communities are important to participate in macroeconomics activities, more emphasis being given to agricultural trade which contribute to the revenue and bring a change to the economy, there is no emphasis on agricultural trade and this has been left behind, this paper will show them how they are needed in agricultural participatory and production program that link to other different activities.


This research is being written to encourage gender and communities as a whole with no specification of particular area but addressed to Tanzania which is identified with a huge uncultivated fertile soil, the community and gender should understand their role and reason of participation of which the outcome will result in poverty alleviation, market access and contribute to government revenue.

There will be a happier Tanzania with a change in GDP as years goes on due to awareness of both participating in the program, the analysis shows that the GDP per capita is not growing so fast because gender and communities are not participating fully in different agricultural trade (cultivating and producing) anticipating that particular group or gender have to do it while everyone should take part.


Studies in this paper shows the performance in agricultural trade and participation of gender and community in the activity and their contribution to economy of  the country, this study has got basic recommendations that provide the way forward and why the gender and community should be fully involved in agricultural trade no matter who they are and where they come from because even an urbanite can decide to move to remote area and be a farmer depending on what he/she is featuring on.


Guidelines provided in this research are much more important, it contain the structure, evolution and future expectation if gender and community participate fully in the agricultural trade for economic change, this include stake holders and government which can help/ contribute to their full participation and potential direction, it also assure that worry not about the startup.

Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Gender, Poverty and vulnerability

Regions: Africa

Countries: Tanzania

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The objective of this research is to identify the urbanite and villagers interested in agriculture who also cannot afford to identify area for cultivation which is part of their life with their families in the remote area or village, don’t have possibility of getting land for agricultural purpose, those that are in the village and are not interested in agriculture and show the rate of participation of gender and community in agricultural trade from farming, cultivating, producing crops, transformation and trade  crops.

Evaluate by how much the participation of gender and community in agricultural trade will impact in the increase of the revenue of Tanzania if community and gender are empowered, show the size of land that each group may possess for agricultural purpose and how much they may be producing in quantity in areas where there are sufficient water for irrigation and in places where both will be cultivating during rainy season, show each region products of practice, show the type of farming and crops which can be produced by the Gender and concerned community in place.

Have a view as of how gender and community will fully participate in the cultivation and trade which will lead to the effort of investing in capital intensive industry, if a financial institution is assured as of how much you can produce it gives loans so that the gender and community may increase capital and produce more as per consumer, demand and market size.

Productions in each region after gender and community have participated fully will result in food security, huge production from each Region, producers using new technology  for processing  will be involved to invest  into small and medium enterprise, as far as the government will identify that food is sufficient in the country or in the region provide export license for exporters or provide loans for investors of industries of food processing in partnership with Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) on the issue of quality standards and packaging, government revenue will increase because of increase in crops yield.

Response of Gender and Community in agric trade participatory approach will reach it objectives because it will be properly defined and will be measurable, it will be well understood, there will be no poor estimation of duration and cost to run the program, strong leadership with adequate defined role, strong commitment to the project by the gender and community, strong control system and mechanism and availability of analysis of major factors for risk response strategies. The government will distribute Land for farming,  subsidies on agriculture such as fertilizers… availability of Loans as it’s doing now and those communities will improve their life condition and gender differences in agric trade participation will no longer exist. The benefits will be: capability of educating their children, gender being involved in production and keep on enrolling into professional studies, having access to clean water, health and being able to start Income generating activities , building good houses for their families, protecting their families from Malaria by buying moskito nets, living in conducive environment with their families …and the gender and community participation will grow fast through the first model.