Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaption

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    Dr. Donatus Etta


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    Dr. Donatus Etta works for the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Nigeria. He holds a PhD in Plant Virology and an M.Sc. in Crop Protection. His areas of work cover climate change and plant disease, as well as gender and climate change.

  • Yoda Françoise


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    Ms Yoda Françoise is the Director of Women in Action Network in Burkina Faso.  Her area of Interest is climate change and crop production.

  • Gebru Jember


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    Mr.  Gebru Jember works as a program officer for an NGO known as the Climate Change Forum – Ethiopia. He holds an MSc in meteorology and air quality. He is currently engaged in coordinating research, awareness creation and up scaling adaptation activities in Ethiopia.

  • Evelyn Komutunga


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    Dr. Evelyn Komutunga works as an agricultural research officer for the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) of Uganda. She holds a PhD in Agrometeorology.  Her area of research is on maximizing agricultural production using weather and climate data.

  • TECA


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    Technologies for Agricultire (TECA) is an online tool for knowledge exchange about applied technologies and practices for small agricultural producers.

  • Oumou


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    Knowledge Sharing Officer, based at ENDA, 2011 to date

  • Binetou


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    Knowledge Sharing Officer, based at ENDA, from 2009-2011

  • Entebbe meet and greet


    jnnam | 2012-01-28 | 84.3 KB | details

    Group  photo of some participants of the meet and greet held in Entebbe, Uganda.