Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaption


AfricaAdapt supports 8 community-led projects

jnnam | 2012-01-27 14:13

We received nearly 400 applications for the 3rd edition Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund launched in August 2011 from which we selected eight projects from eight African countries.

The Fund offers grants of up to US$9,000 for new initiatives that engage marginalized and ‘hard-to-reach’ communities affected by climate change in sharing knowledge on climate change adaptation.

This 3rd round of the Innovation Fund was dedicated to small family farms in Africa in view of their importance in the livelihoods of the continent’s population. The fund is for implementation of concrete adaptation activities on the ground, to generate new knowledge, and to document innovative and promising agricultural practices for Africa.

We were inspired by the number and quality of the applications received from local groups, community media, and youth organizations from across the continent. You will all soon be able to read more about the eight selected projects and follow them through our website ( A few of you will have the opportunity to interact more closely with these projects as we pilot a peer review mechanism for monitoring and evaluation of the innovation fund projects with the support of AfricaAdapt network members. More information on this will be available on the website soon.