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Call for Papers: Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation

fmannke | 2013-02-21 13:23

11 February 2013

The International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP)- in cooperation with Springer- is preparing a landmark, multi-volume reference work titled the “Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation”. This is an addition to the series “Climate Change Management” which, since it was launched in 2008, has become a world leading book series on the topic.

The Handbook will provide a concrete contribution towards addressing the perceived need for high-quality, interdisciplinary papers, which can be used not only as a valuable information source but also as tools to support teaching and research and, as an added value, help to assist in decision-making. The book focuses in one of the key aspects of climate change: adaptation and how to handle its impacts on physical, biotic and human systems, including social and normative scientific concerns, coupled with the tools, approaches and methods aimed at the management of these effects and impacts.

Although the Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation is on the one hand grounded in the best science and meets the highest scientific standards, it aims on the other hand as far as possible to be inclusive methodologically, and be practice-based. It will also be fully international in its coverage and authorship, as befits a topic of such importance to humankind.

The handbook is structured around 4 volumes:

  • Volume 1. Climate Change Impacts and Management 
  • Volume 2. Policy and Climate Change 
  • Volume 3. Climate Change Adaptation, Agriculture and Water Security 
  • Volume 4. Climate Change Adaptation Technologies

A set of cross-cutting issues will be included, such as the socio-economics of climate change, resilience, economics, trade, growth, development, justice, poverty, health, populations, security, international politics, the UN process, democracy, education, information and communication. The Millennium Development Goals also represent a major element to be considered.

Abstracts from suitable qualified researchers are now being invited. The deadline for submissions is the 30th March 2013. Details on the schedule and structure will be discussed with interested colleagues. Expressions of interest should be sent to ICCIP at: