Knowledge Sharing for Climate Change Adaption

Climate Frontline Africa

Associated Organization: Farm Africa, Find Your Feet, Utviklingsfondet, Concern Universal and Self Help Africa.

Climate Frontline - African Communities Adapting to Survive is a joint initiative between five international NGOs to document how climate change is affecting lives throughout Africa and how communities are adapting to it.

Themes: Agriculture, fisheries and food security, Forestry, International climate negotiations

Regions: Central Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa

Countries: Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Togo, Zambia

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In Climate Frontline - - African women and men describe, in their own words, how climate change is affecting their lives and how they are adapting to survive. These communities are not only living with climate change, they are implementing strategies in order to adapt to the changing conditions. Governments and international bodies should recognise that these communities have experiences that can help reduce negative impacts of climate change.

The NGOs behind Climate Frontline believe that actions to tackle climate change must start by listening to and supporting communities living on the climate frontline. We hope Climate Frontline can contribute to sufficient and reliable climate change adaptation support for these communities.

Climate Frontline takes accounts from poor farmers and pastoralists in The Gambia, Ghana, Togo, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Kenya, Zambia and Malawi. These range from experiences of floods and drought, to accounts of the impact of deforestation and changes to agricultural methods.

The initiative also includes sections on farmer-to-farmer education, the future of nomadic pastoralists, and the role of advocacy.

The project aims to share information on adaptation initiatives, to allow other communities to learn from these experiences, and to encourage policy-makers to support them.

The agencies involved in the collaboration are Farm Africa, Find Your Feet, Utviklingsfondet, Concern Universal and Self Help Africa.