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How do I upload my project?

Once you’ve registered on AfricaAdapt (Join Africa Adapt link at the top of each page), you can begin creating profiles for projects that you are working on. First, click on the “Add a Project” button in the upper-right side of the 'Explore Projects' page or from within your 'My Africa Adapt' section. From this page you can create an overview of your project, and add general information. (*)

Once you have finished adding your project you can visit your project page and add any news and resources (documents; photos; videos; links) by clicking on your project’s “News” or “Resources” tabs. You can only add news and resources to your own projects, not to the projects of others.

(*) To reach a wider audience, you are encouraged to enter your project information in French too. If you have created a profile, simply click the 'Francais' button on the menu bar and enter your French description in the same way. You can do this for all information related to your projects.

How do I decide how I want to be updated about my selected themes or projects?

Subscribing to content

When you register for Africa Adapt you can indiacate in your personal profile if you want to get weekly email alerts with updates from the AfricaAdapt website on the content of the themes that interests you (click the 'Follow Theme' button to start following a theme). The weekly updates inform you about 1. new followers for your projects, 2. new projects for your themes of interest, 3. new news for your themes of interest and 4. new resources for your themes of interest.

You can change your preferences in your profile at any time by visiting “My AfricaAdapt,” and then clicking on “Edit Profile” on the right side of the screen.

RSS Feeds

For users who prefer to use RSS Feeds you can subscribe to the feed from any project or theme page by clicking on “Get Feed” on the right side of the page. You can follow more AfiricaAdapt related items (News, Events, Bookmarks, YouTube, Twitter) though the 'Feeds' link, located in the footer of each page and selecting your feeds of interest on the next page.

How do I delete a project or my user profile?

To delete a project, please email and our team will take your project down from the site.

Can I share resources I find on this site with others?

Through the 'SHARE' button located in the footer of each page you share web pages with people who are not registered on the site. This shold not prevent you from sharing the information and resources found on the site with users via email or other communication channels if appropriate.

Who do I contact if I need help?

If you have any questions or comments about the website, please email and we will do our best to solve your problem within three working days. Alternatively you can visit our contact page for information on the AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Officer located closest to you.

How do I upload videos or audio files?

Audio files in MP3 format can be added directly to the AfricaAdapt website (either to themes or your own project pages) from within the 'Resources' section on the menu bar.

Videos must be hosted at a 3rd party site to be shown on AfricaAdapt. Examples of 3rd party sites include YouTubeVimeo, and They are all free to use, but require registration, and different sites offer different forms of service (for example, YouTube does not allow users to directly download videos, whereas other sites do). If you require assistance in posting video to AfricaAdapt please contact us on and we will be happy to help you.

Do I have to join as an individual or can my organisation join too?

You can join as an individual, or as an organisation. The choice is yours.

Can AfricaAdapt help me get a document translated if it is not in a language I can read?

AfricaAdapt is committed to providing all of the resources it produces in both French and English. For materials that have been produced elsewhere, we will provide translation based upon network demand.

Does AfricaAdapt offer funding?

We have a limited amount of funding that we use in calls for proposals periodically. We will also use the “News and Events” section of the website to inform network members about other funding that might be available for work on climate change adaptation in Africa.

Where can I attend an AfricaAdapt event?

Check our “News and Events” page regularly for a listing of events we’ll be hosting. Alternatively you can subscribe to our news and / or events RSS feed.

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